Sample Letter to School Principals for afternoon and Friday Prayer Accommodations

Parents are encouraged to use the following draft letter to school principals as a request for accommodations for students to pray the Dhuhr prayer and take off for Friday Jumu’ah Prayer. Please add the necessary information that pertains to your child’s school and accommodation request by copying the text into a word document and adding the specific details.



RE: School Early Afternoon and Friday Prayer Accommodation Request


My name is [your name], and I am the parent of [student name], grade [number], at [school name]. [Student name] is Muslim, and our family seeks accommodation for [him/her] to pray their daily early afternoon (Dhurur) prayer, in a quiet and respectful place, at the school’s premise, with other Muslim students.

Our family also requests [student name] be granted temporary leave, from the school’s premises, accompanying me [or another listed family member] to attend Friday afternoon (Jummah) congregational prayer at our local Islamic center.

I am requesting that this momentary leave for Friday Jummah prayer be recorded by the school as an excused absence. [Student name] would leave the school from [X:XX AM/PM] and return at [X:XX AM/PM], to make their Jummah prayer in accordance with [his/her] sincerely held religious beliefs. [Optional: Another option would be to allow Muslim students on campus lead their own Friday congregational prayer.]

Dhuhr prayer is the second Islamic prayer of the day that starts when the sun begins to decline from its zenith. Jummah is the congregational prayer Muslims hold every Friday during the afternoon instead of the Dhuhr prayer.

Many school districts across the country work to ensure that Muslim students have access to religious accommodations, as required by federal and state law, for religious clothing and attire, prayer during school hours, meal accommodations, observing fasting, and attending Friday congregational prayers.

Because Islamic prayer times themselves are dictated by the position of the sun, including the daily early afternoon prayer and the Jummah prayer, our family will make sure to send an updated letter in the fall, winter, and spring to adjust the time frame for these requested accommodations.

For decades, courts have agreed that these breaks are reasonable and do not pose an unreasonable burden. As the parent of [student name], I request that they be allowed to observe their daily and Friday congregational prayers in accordance with their beliefs and well-established law. Allowing brief breaks for prayer during the day is reasonable and will not interrupt school and other administrative functions.

Any schoolwork missed or tests can be made up. Please do not hesitate to contact the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Houston chapter to further discuss providing these accommodations while continuing to promote a safe and supportive school environment.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.






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