Galveston County Daily News: Harder to deny resolution is about bigotry in League City


League City’s resolution on immigration made national news, and its reference to “radical Islamist terror groups” has been denounced as bigotry.

Council members who voted for the resolution have denied it links terrorism with Islam.

They also denied it was intended to play to prejudices against a minority religion.

Muslims have been appearing at council meetings to protest.

But, now that people are showing up at council meetings to support the council’s resolution, it’s getting harder to deny that this is about bigotry, plain and simple.

One of the emails floating around, urging “patriots” to come to the next city council meeting to support the council, said that one of the group’s members “has composed another world-class speech that will clearly leave them screaming for Allah!”

Maybe someone will see a profound point of public policy there.

But, the longer this goes on, the harder it’s going to be to deny that this resolution was anything more than an attempt to play to the uglier prejudices in our society.

Everyone knows that kind of mindless prejudice is out there. But, council members are supposed to be leaders.

Do they really want to be involved in this?

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