30 Days of Ramadan, Days 17-19: Restarting

Checking in –

We are more than halfway through Ramadan and we are long overdue for a check-in, especially after this past, emotionally heavy weekend.

Let’s take a moment to reflect over the goals we started with, the schedule we’ve settled with, the changes we realize we need to make – where are we?

Did we accomplish all we had aimed for so far? Or is it time to scramble to restart?

If you’re thinking you need to scramble to restart – we’re in the same boat.

In trying to readjust to the waning sleeping and eating schedule, I’ve lost track of how often I’ve sat down with the Quran, how often I’ve made my way to the masjid, and which ‘special’ projects I haven’t been able to attempt.

I started this Ramadan with these particular goals:

  • Read the Quran everyday
  • Stay for the full Taraweeh session at the masjid everyday
  • Memorize the 99 names of Allah SWT
  • Read one academic book over Islamic history

I have accomplished about…half of every goal, which is sad considering we have less than half of Ramadan left.

The main reason I have fallen short in accomplishing my goals at a stable rate is the schedule I have settled with in which I attain about three hours of sleep between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. every day. When the weekend rolls around, my bed and I are inseparable.

As you can imagine, functioning on about three hours sleep every day during the week leaves my brain floating in the thickest fog of Ramadan brain imaginable. Productivity is at an all-time low.

Obviously, this needs to change.

We’re about to enter the last 10 days of Ramadan – it’s not too late to fix up!

My personal goals will include more napping which would normally sound like a luxury, but in this case it is a necessity.

I realize I also need to cut back on a few things such as socializing and intensive meal prep. Ramadan is the month of mineralization – if I can embody that, I have hope that the fog will not remain as dense as it is.

I know I’ve written this message before but it’s worth repeating: Our bodies are an amaanah.

Al-Amaanah translates to mean ‘the trust.’ What this means, in layman’s terms, is that our bodies are entrusted to us by Allah SWT not just as a vessel for a soul, but as a gift that we should not take for granted. Personal care is necessary for overall success, especially during Ramadan.

Let’s step back and figure out how we may have been neglecting our bodies, and how we can make it up now.

As you know by now, my biggest vice is my sleeping schedule. However, by not sleeping properly I am overworking my body and aiding to increase the density of the fog around my brain. Not only that but due to the lack of sleep I can feel my nerves get jittery and my blood pressure increase at work as I try to prioritize my responsibilities.

I know the negative effects, and it’s not too late to get out of this cycle and make a new, more caring one.

If you’re anything like me right now, you’re probably reading this really fast because of high-strung you feel.

Take a deep breath.

Evaluate what you have neglected in your self-care.

Evaluate what you can do without, even a little.

Make the niyaah for change.

Take that baby step.

We’re not talking moving-mountain changes. We’re talking devouring one less fried goody during iftar change – manageable.

Here’s to restarting!

Internal struggle of the day: (aside from sleeping) Keeping my contacts from rolling back when I yawn.

Internal affirmation: a light suhoor has worked better in terms of energy! No more hearty suhoors (I say with less than a half of the month to go).

The 30 Days of Ramadan blog is written by Sobia Siddiqui, CAIR-Houston’s Operations Coordinator.

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