We came into 2020 very energized; we have a new board, a newly formed board of advisors, new staff, and we were on a specific path to taking our organization to the next level in serving our community. Then, the world came to a startling halt in March and we had to re-evaluate and re-envision our plans for the coming months. We are told in the Qu’ran, “they plan, God plans, and God is the best of planners,” (Qur’an 8:30), and alhamdulillah (all praise is to God), we have full faith that whatever God has decreed is good and a blessing.

Our staff and board have worked tirelessly to proactively respond to the pandemic in a way that keeps us in line with our new reality and our mission to enhance the understanding of Islam, protect civil rights, promote justice, and empower American Muslims. CAIR-Houston continues to defend our community in the midst of this crisis by:

Simplifying laws and government guidelines to inform you of the resources available for you and your loved ones (cairhouston.com/resources)
Expanding our legal hotline to assist community members dealing with evictions, unemployment, and language barriers when applying for COVID-19 resources.

Providing FREE legal representation to clients involved in civil rights, discrimination, FBI interrogations, religious accommodations, as well as a resource for many other cases
Empowering our community and youth by providing FREE educational workshops and webinars, such as Know Your Rights, Board Training, Islam 101, Immigration Law, Islamic Estate Planning, and many more.

In the past year, CAIR-Houston provided free legal help to over 200 community members impacted by bias and hate. Despite preparing for unprecedented spikes in hate crimes, bullying, and anti-Muslim discrimination during this highly anticipated election year, we could not have anticipated the extent of the challenges we would be facing today. We need strong supporters like you to stand up and contribute monthly to fund these crucial services.

For 18 years, CAIR-Houston has been standing up for the rights of Texan Muslims, providing the guidance and resources necessary to unapologetically assert our voice at all levels of our society. 

Help CAIR-Houston continue to provide its services with your zakat and sadaqa donations this Ramadan!

On average:

– A consult with a lawyer costs: $250 – $500

– An immigration delay case costs: $1,500 – $15,000

– An FBI wrongful interrogation case costs: $5,000

– An employment discrimination case filed with the EEOC costs: $10,000

– A civil rights/or civil liberties litigated case costs: upwards of $50,000

*These are just average estimates. Cases can cost significantly more, dependent upon the nature of the case and the number of appeals.