Work With Passion, Serve With Love

Houston United

CAIR PSA Video - Work With Passion, Serve With Love

Today as we have walked in solidarity and support of our first responders we are recognizing that they are out there, not only saving lives, but saving worlds.  –Rabbi Steve Gross, member of Houston United

May 31, 2013. Houston.

It was a day of sadness, of shock, and ultimately of mourning.

On May 31, 2013, four Houston firefighters lost their lives in a motel fire in southwest Houston.  The victims:

  • Capt. EMT Matthew Renaud, 35
  • Engineer Operator EMT Robert Bebee, 41
  • Firefighter EMT Robert Garner, 29
  • Probationary Firefighter Anne Sullivan, 24

In honor of the fallen firefighters, a group of Houston Muslim organizations organized Houston United, an event that brought together people of multiple faiths to express their support of first responders and to demonstrate that a diverse group of Houstonians can come together for the common good. Marchers carried banners and speakers from the Muslim, Christian and Jewish community spoke in praise of the fallen and in hopes of a strong Houston community forged by pulling groups together.