Voting 101

Register to vote:

Facts you need to know before registering to vote

  • You must be a United States citizen who will be 18 or older on Election Day in order to register to vote.
  • Each state has its own guidelines about who can register, how to register and what information you need to provide. Additionally, each state sets its own registration deadline for voters who wish to participate in the next election.
  • You can register by downloading a copy of the National Mail Voter Registration Form online. You can also visit the office of the local election official in your city or county.
  • According to the US Election Assistance Commission, you can also register to vote “when applying for a driver’s license or identity card at State DMV or driver’s licensing offices, State offices providing public assistance, State offices providing State-funded programs for the disabled, and at armed forces recruitment offices.”

Register to vote from the convenience of your home. Go to CAIR’s Rock the Vote-sponsored online voter registration tool. Obtain a copy of the National Mail Voter Registration Form here.

Specific information about registering to vote in your state can be found here.


Find your elected officials:


District Offices for all US Representatives:

District offices for all US Senators:

State (Texas):


Upcoming Events:


  • February 5: Last day to register to vote in the March 6 primary.
  • February 20: First day of early voting (During early voting, you can vote at ANY early voting location in your county of residence, where you are registered to vote).
  • February 23: Last day to request a ballot by mail.  Several restrictions apply, which you can find here.  That’s Harris County, but it’s true all over the state.  The application must be received in your county clerk’s office by this date.
  • March 2: Last day of early voting
  • March 6: Primary Elections. (You can vote ONLY in your precinct polling location).
  • March 6: Last day to receive a ballot by mail if the envelope is not postmarked
  • March 7: Last day to receive a ballot by mail if the envelop is postmarked before 7 PM, March 6 at the location of the election


League of Women Voters Guide:

Residents in other counties can find voting info at the following links:

Galveston County:

Brazzoria County:

Fort Bend County:


If you have any questions or need more info, please contact:

Mohammed Nasrullah/ 713-876-3624 /

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