We CAIR small(1)Part of CAIR’s mission is to build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding. To that end, much of our work involves community education and outreach.  CAIR-TX works to establish and maintain solid relationships with the community – via schools, places of worship, youth organizations, and other community-based organizations, and coalition partners that share common values with CAIR-TX.

CAIR-TX works with Muslim youth and young adults in becoming progressive members of society through community service and active engagement. We offer internships, externships and volunteer activist programs.

The We CAIR initiative reaches out to the community every month with volunteer activities such as neighborhood cleanups, retirement home visits, and aiding local citizens during difficult and trying times.

CAIR-TX Outreach also implements local youth leadership programs, such as the Muslim Youth Leadership Symposium (MYLS). MYLS has taken place once every year for the past three years; it is an all-day event that teaches Muslim youth how to combat bullying, religious discrimination, and how to address these issues and grow from the experience. In addition to anti-bullying workshops, MYLS also teaches youth rights they have as American citizens, who their local and state representatives are, and the appropriate manner in which to address them, and keeping up on current issues.

CAIR-TX establishes and maintains working relationships with local, state, and federal governmental institutions and representatives. CAIR-TX empowers the community by working closely with its various departments and entities to provide appropriate workshops and training, which has included scheduling CAIR-TX staff, and resident experts for volunteer speaking engagements.