March For Our Lives

On Saturday, March 24 at 9:00 a.m., CAIR – Houston will be joining the March For Our Lives.

According to the event page: After the recent mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas, students of the school have organized a nationwide protest including Houston, TX to plea for a strengthening of gun laws.

If you would like to have a serious conversation about gun control, the time is now. Students, Teachers, Parents, and concerned citizens are invited to march in solidarity with us. Please share this page with your loved ones and ask them to join as well.

This event is being put together by local students, parents, and teachers hoping to give a voice to those seeking change. As this event grows and changes, more information will be shared on this page. If you have any resources or wish to help in any way, we are welcoming you.

Fundraising information:

Sign up to help:

CAIR – Houston looks forward to everyone coming out for this event in solidarity, in unity.


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