Interested in being part of CAIR-Houston’s We CAIR initiative?

We CAIR small(1)Small organizations such as CAIR-Houston rely on volunteers.  CAIR simply cannot serve the community as fully as our mission demands without people motivated solely by their hearts to work with us.

Since Election Day, our office has been swamped with volunteer offers, some from as far away as California and Indiana.  We are honored by these offers, which come not just from Muslims but from people of all backgrounds.  We invite you to become part of our “We CAIR” volunteer effort as well.

No matter your skills, interests or location, you can participate in these ways:

→ Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share our posts and Tweets.  Invite others to do the same.

→ Sign up for our newsletter and encourage others to do so.

→ Assist with special events such as Texas Muslim Capitol Day, coming up in January; the Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade; film screenings; panel discussions and more.

Of course encouraging financial support is always beneficial!

If you get school or employment credit for volunteering, we will work with you to get such credit.

All volunteers will receive an email with more information in the coming days.

Thank you and God bless you. We must all stand together and work together during the challenging times ahead, and CAIR-Houston is unimaginably grateful to you.

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