CAIR Houston Says Thank You

We would like to take a moment to thank all of our community members who joined CAIR Houston’s 2019 Ramadan Iftar!

Together, we were reminded by the words of the Honorable Rabeea Collier that our “rights and freedoms are the basis of what provides us all peace in this country but we see over and over again and in recent times, laws that are coming forth that encroach upon our constitutional rights.”

Special thanks to Imam Daniel Hernandez and guest speaker Rabeea Collier for sharing their experiences as American Muslims today and the absolute importance of political engagement.

From our Board of Directors to our staff and volunteers, we are honored to serve and defend the civil rights of our Greater Houston community.

You Still Have the Opportunity to Give!

Partner with CAIR Houston’s Fight for Your Civil Rights by Clicking the Donation Gift Below!

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