Action Alert: Oppose House Bill 45

CAIR-Texas calls on community to oppose House Bill 45, the latest so-called “anti-shariah” bill.

CAIR-Texas is calling on members of the Muslim community and their interfaith partners to attend a public hearing on Tuesday, April 4, to show public opposition to House Bill 45, which we believe is designed to negatively impact Muslims’ civil rights and to demonize their faith.  We believe it aims to prevent Muslims from practicing their faith in areas such as Islamic marriage, divorce, funeral procedures and civil agreements.
The public hearing is scheduled to begin at 2 pm in room E2.026 of the State Capitol.  See a map of the Capitol here. Members of the public may make a 3-minute public statement after registering as per instructions listed here.
You may also contact the members of the Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence Committee, listed below, who have called for the public hearing, and ask them to vote no to this bill advancing to the House for a vote.
  • Rep. John T. Smittee (committee chair) – (512) 463-0702
  • Rep. Jessica Farrar (committee vice chair) – (512) 463-0620
  • Rep. Roland Gutierrez – (512) 463-0452
  • Rep. Ana Hernandez – (512) 463-0614
  • Rep. Jodie Laubenberg – (512) 463-0186
  • Rep. Andrew Murr – (512) 463-0536
  • Rep. Victoria Neave – (512) 463-0244
  • Rep. Matt Rinaldi – (512) 463-0468
  • Rep. Mike Schofield – (512) 463-0528
Make sure to contact your own House representative to press for their opposition to House Bill 45. Find your representative here:
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